European Association of Model Railroaders and Railroad Friends

April 2018


122nd session of the TC in Wrozlaw (Pl)


The 122nd session of the technical commission took place from April 06 to 08, 2018 in Wrozlaw (Poland) again under the proven management of Achim Sührig. The meeting was perfectly organized by the President of the polish association PZMK - Ryzcard Pyssa.

During the sessions the following NEM's were discussed and/or revised:

NEM 301 - Receptical for the changeable couplings in scale H0 with limited space

NEM 641 - Digital Train controll electical characteristical vallues

NEM 650 - Electric interface for modell vehicles

NEM 651 - Electric interface 6 poles

NEM 652 . Electric interface 8 poles

NEM 659 - Extended interface for vehicles (was cancelled)

Apart from all the work the group managed to visit the train museum in Jaworzyna. Saturday afternoon we all took a ride on a regional train from Wrozlaw to Jaworzyna. There we got a superbe tour through the museum enhanced by wonderful spring weather.


DSC 4704 DSC 4711

Wrozlaw Main Station


122nd session of the TC





DSC 4728IMG 0246

In front of the roundhouse


Concrete fortified railway car






IMG 0268DSC 4746 

Watching the modell railway



one of the 300 dwarfs distributed
throughout Wrozlaw as a tourist