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Standards of European Model Railroads

Here are first NEMs in English. The technical documents are translatet in English US.

We have inserted the whole list here. The available NEM in English are indicated in BOLD letters.

Please click on the NEM number to download the appropriate NEM.

If you want to help our effort to translate all NEMs into English just select one in the original german or french version and send the translation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject "ENGLISH". We would like to thank everybody who contributed to our effort.

 The english standards on this page are only translations and are not discussed by the technical commission of MOROP. 


        N = Binding Standard,  E = Recommendation,  D = Documentation

        Standards with country code apply only to the specified country
        BOLD - available to download click on the NEM Number


Translation by

TS = Dr. Thomas Smailus, USA

MM = Mick Moignard, UK

FS = Felix Soetens, NL

MO = MOROP itself

X = at the moment only available in french or german


The publication of the English versions of the standards is still under construction. It will be constantly amended. If you discover mistakes or errors in the English versions of the standards or have suggestrions for improvement, we ask you to report this with a short justification or explanation to:     

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Revision History   2023 TS
 NEM 000     List of valid standards 2023  D 2023  MO
 NEM 001     Introduction in to the NEM D 1983 X
 NEM 002    Rules for the Formulation of Standards for European Model Railroads N 2019 TS
 Supplement 1 to NEM 002 Rules of Layout N 2015 X
 Supplement 2i to NEM 002 Development Process of the NEM N 2014 X
 Supplement 3i to NEM 002 Standard Layout of NEM D 2014 X
 NEM 003     Regulations on the Distribution of the Enacted NEM D 2014 X
 NEM 004     MOROP Seal N 2010 X
 Supplement 1 to NEM 004 Standards to be Applied N 2017 X
 Supplement 2 to NEM 004 Proceeding N 2010 X
 NEM 006     Symbols for Characteristics of Model Vehicles E 2010 X
 NEM 010     Ratio, Scales, Gauges  N 2011 TS
 NEM 102     Area Clearances on Straight Track N 2019 TS
 NEM 103    Clearance Perimeter in track curves N 2016 TS
 Supplement to NEM 102/103 Profile gauge for Gauge H0 D 1984 X
 NEM 104    Area Clearances for Narrow Gauge Railroads E 2007 MO
 NEM 105    Tunnel Profiles for Normal Gauge Railroads E 2013 TS
 NEM 110    Tracks and Turnouts – Guiding Track Dimensions N 2009 TS
 NEM 110G  Tracks and Turnouts for Large and Garden Railroads – Guiding Track Dimensions N 2011 MO
 NEM 111     Minimum Curve Radii N 2016 TS
 Supplement to NEM 111 Model railroad operation with prototypical UIC pulling and pushing devices D 2015 X
 NEM 112   Track Spacing E 2016 TS
 NEM 113    Transition Curve E 2016 TS
 NEM 114    Elevation of the track curve E 2007 MO
 NEM 119 Location of Boundary Signs E  2023 TS
 Supplement to NEM 119 Calculation examples  E 2023  TS
 NEM 120    Rail Profiles and Connectors E 2010 MO
 NEM 121    Cog Railroads (20231201) E 2012 TS
 NEM 122    Cross-section of the Formation for Standard Gauge  E 2007 TS
 NEM 123    Cross-section of the Formation for Narrow Gauge Railroads E 2005 MO
 NEM 124    Turnouts and Crossings with fixed simple frogs N 2010 X
 NEM 127    Fixed double frogs of straight intersections N 2010 X
 NEM 201    Power Wire Location N 2017 TS
 NEM 202    Pantograph with Overhead Wire Operation  N 2017 TS
 NEM 301    Perimeters of Vehicles N 2018 TS
 NEM 302    Wagon Mass E 2015 MO
 NEM 303    Buffers N 2015 X
 NEM 304    Transitional Facilities - Bellow, Rubber bead E 2009 MO
NEM 306    Wagon route signs – suspension E 2007 MO
 NEM 310    Wheel Sets – Tracking Dimensions   N 2009 TS
 NEM 310G Wheel Sets for Large and Garden Railroads - Tracking Dimensions N 2010 MO
 Supplement to NEM 110/310/311 Principles of lane guidance in frogs D 2009 X
 Supplement to NEM 110/310 Guide for Wheel Set and Track for Gauge 9 mm D 2009 X
 Supplement to NEM 110/310 Guide for Wheel Set and Track for Gauge 12 mm D 2009 X
 Supplement to NEM 110/310 Guide for Wheel Set and Track for Gauge 16,5 mm D 2009 X
 Supplement to NEM 110/310 Gude for Wheel Set and Track for Gauge 32 mm D 2009 X
 NEM 311     Wheel tire profiles E 2009 X
 NEM 311G  Wheel tire profiles  for Large and Garden Railroads E 2011 X
 NEM 313     Carriage Wheelset with Bearings Pins E 2009 MO
 NEM 314     Carriage Wheelset for Tip Bearings E 2006 MO
 NEM 340     Wheel Set and Track for Special Systems D 2008 X
 NEM 351     Couplings – General, Names D 1994 X
 NEM 352     Guides for Short Couplings  E 1986 X
 NEM 355     Receptacle for Replaceable Coupling Heads in Scales TT und N E 2015 X
NEM 356     Coupler Head for Scale N N 2022 TS
 NEM 357     Coupling Head for Scale N E 2015 X
 NEM 359     Coupler Head for Scale TT E 2015 X
 NEM 360     Standard Coupling for Scale H0 N 1994 X
 NEM 362    Receptacle for Replaceable Coupling Heads N 2004 MO
 NEM 363     Receiver for swappable H0 scale couplers under restrictive installation conditions   N 2018 TS
 NEM 365     Coupler Head for Scale 0 E 2007 X
 NEM 370     Hook shaft opening for prototypical screw coupling N 2015 X
 NEM 380     Fixing Elements for Containers and Interchangeable Superstructures E 2023 X
NEM 600     Model Railroad Controls – Terminology, Main Terms D 2007 FS
 NEM 601     Model Railroad Controls – Systems, Principles, Structures E 2006 X
 NEM 602     Model Railroad Controls – Symbols, Switching Signs, Identification Letters E 2013 X
 NEM 603     Control Signals – Definitions, Identification Letters E 2007 X
 NEM 604     Wires – Cross-Sections, Conductor Lengths E 2013 X
 Supplement to NEM 604 Wire Cross-Sections AWG D 2013 X
 NEM 605    Layout Wiring – Identification of Electrical Conductors (20230221) E 2022 TS
 NEM 606     Model Railroad Controls – Requirements E 2012 X
 NEM 607     Train bus– Requirements E 2012 X
 NEM 608     Assignment of Additional Functions in Digital Driving Control E 2013 X
 NEM 609     Guidelines on electrical safety at model railway exhibitions E 2010 X
 Supplement to NEM 609 Checklist  E 2010 X
 Supplement A to NEM 609 for Austria D 1999 X
 Supplement CH to NEM 609 for Switzerland D 2011 X
 Supplement D to NEM 609 for Germany D 1999 X
 NEM 611     Electrical Supply of Stationary Equipment  N 2017 TS
 NEM 620     Power connection of the vehicle and the power supply D 1983 X
 NEM 621     Power Supply for Two-Rail Locomotives with and without Overhead Wire N 1981 X
 NEM 624     Electrical Parameters – Wheelset  D 1997 TS
 NEM 625     Electrical Parameters – Wheelset and Track E 1997 X
 NEM 630     Direct Current Traction – Electrical Characteristics N 1982 X
 NEM 631     Direct Current Traction – Running and Traffic Direction of the Two-Rail System N 1985 MO
 NEM 640     Alternating Current Traction – Electrical Characteristics N 1988 MO
 NEM 641     Digital Traction – Electrical Characteristics N 2017 TS
 NEM 645     Alternating Current Traction with Center Conductors N 1990 X
 NEM 650     Electrical Interfaces for Model Vehicles E 2018 TS
 NEM 651     Electrical Interface – 6-pin E 2017 TS
 NEM 652     Electrical Interface – 8-pin E 2017 TS
 NEM 655     Electrical Interface – Coupling Holder, Inner Arrangement E 2003 X
 NEM 656     Electrical Interface – Coupling Holder, Outer Arrangement E 2007 X
 NEM 657     Electrical Standard Interface – Model Railroad Accessories E 2001 X
 NEM 658     Electrical Interface PluX12 / 16 / 22 E 2022 MM
 NEM 660     Electrical Interface 21MTC E 2022 MO
 NEM 661     Maximum Speed of Model Engines E 2011 MO
 NEM 662     Electrical Interfaces Next 18 / Next18S (20230627)
E 2016 TS
 NEM 663     Elektrical Interface PluG for large scale model railroads E 2014 TS
 NEM 670     Digital Control Signal DCC – Technique for Encoding Bits N 2013 X
 NEM 671     Digital Control Signal DCC – Baseline Data Packets N 2014 TS
 NEM 672     Signal Control – Advanced Accessory Decoder Control (DCC) E 2015 X
 NEM 680     Digital Control Signal SX – Technique for Encoding Bits D 2006 X
 NEM 681     Digital Control Signal SX – Data Packets, Operation Model D 2007 X
 NEM 690     Elektrical Interface for Control Modules E 2013 X
 NEM 691     Control Module Turnout E 2012 X
 NEM 692     Control Module Signal E 2012 X
 NEM 693     Drivers for Control Mudules E 2012 X
 NEM 694     Bus Protocol for Control Modules E 2019 TS
 NEM 695     Control Module Track Section E 2013 X

 Norms with country code apply only to the specified country and are written by the national sections of MOROP.
 See page national sections of MOROP for contact details.

 NEM 800          Railroad Epochs N 2007 TS
 NEM 801 A       Railroad Epochs for Austria E 2008 X
 NEM 802 B       Railroad Epochs in Belgium E 2021 X
 NEM 803 BG    Railroad Epochs in Bulgaria  D 1992 X
 NEM 804 CH    Railroad Epochs in Switzerland E 2009 X
 NEM 805 CZ    Railroad Epochs in Czech Republic D 1998 X
 NEM 806 D      Railroad Epochs in Germany E 2008 X
 NEM 808 DK    Railroad Epochs in Denmark D 2015 X
 NEM 809 E       Railroad Epochs in Spain E 2010 X
 NEM 810 F       Railroad Epochs in France E 2010 X
 NEM 813 H       Railroad Epochs in Hungary E 2021 X
 NEM 814 I        Railroad Epochs in Italy E 2012 X
 NEM 818 NL    Railroad Epochs in Netherlands E 2009 X
 NEM 825 PL     Railroad Epochs in Poland E 2023 X
 NEM 900          Layout Modules – General E 2008 X
 NEM 908 D      Electrical Interface for Modules E 1997 X
 NEM 909 D      Adapter Module - Valid only for Germany E 2008 X
 NEM 913 F       Layout Modules Scale N – AFAN D 2009 X
 NEM 916 F       Layout Modules Scale Nm – AFAN & GEMME D 2009 X
 NEM 933/1 CH Layout Modules – SWISSMODUL ® / Scale H0 D 2015 X
 NEM 933/2 CH Layout Modules – MAS 60 / Spur H0 D 1992 X
 NEM 934 E       Layout Modules Scale H0 Typ FCAF or „Catalania“ D 2015 X
 NEM 943 F       Layout odules Scale H0 FFMF „Classic“ D 2010 X
 NEM 961 D       Layout Modules Scale 0 D 2009 X
 NEM 962 F       Layout Modules Scale 0, CDZ D 2010 X
 NEM 981 D       Layout Modules Scale I D 2008 X




Revised: Decmber 11, 2021